The Beemer Memorial Fund has been set up to help defray the costs of emergency veterinary services. It is there primarily to assist dogs whose searches FLED has been involved with and who might have incurred injuries during the time they were lost. We also assist those who have an emergency come up and are unable to pay immediately.  The amount of assistance we can provide is wholly dependent on the amount of donations this fund receives, as well as owners’ (when possible and applicable) repayment of the funds they were given. We cannot guarantee any given amount for the care of any given dog, but all money that is donated to this fund will go to pay for veterinary costs, and we will do our best to ensure its fair distribution to the dogs that most need it.

If you would like to donate to this fund specifically, please click the button below. Note that we are a registered charity #823718978RR0001.




Louie went missing and unfortunately was hit by a car before FLED searchers could locate him. He was rushed to the vet for treatment, and luckily had no broken bones. He’s recovering wonderfully. The Beemer Fund paid for his veterinary care, which his caregivers plan to repay when possible.



Julio the pug had an infected eye that needed to be treated at the vet! His mom couldn’t afford the full cost of the veterinary surgery, so the Beemer Fund paid the cost, and she is gradually repaying it so that the funds can be used for families in the future.



Sweet little Harley had a rough start to his 2014 Holiday season. He was attacked by a bigger dog, and had to be rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital in Victoria. His mom wasn’t able to pay the full cost of the surgery that he so desperately needed, so she turned to the Beemer Fund for help. Thanks to the generous help of our supporters and of other members of the community, Harley was able to have his surgery and is on the road to recovery and being able to walk again.



Dora loves life. She’s a beautiful and sweet pit girl who recently got a new start in life, thanks to one of our amazing FLED volunteers who is fostering her. She’s currently living in a safe and loving home with some other pups and a little human brother who thinks she’s the greatest thing ever.

Unfortunately, for Dora, her exploring career has run into a setback, due to two ACLs that need repairing. This means that this lively young girl is on some seriously restricted activity until her surgery, which will hopefully be in early December. We’ve been quoted $5000 for the first surgery here in Victoria, which FLED is covering through donations and fundraising.



Lovely Ebony is a 14 year old mix who went missing from his owner’s home in Esquimalt. After four days out with no sightings, he was eventually found by a kind woman. Due to some of his health issues, his owner surrendered him to FLED. The Beemer Fund will be paying for treatment for a thyroid condition as well as some dental issues. He is currently living in a FLED foster home.



Miss Molly is a 7 year old lab who was found in mid-May in the Highlands in Victoria. She lived in a FLED foster home for quite some time, and we were unable to locate her people. Unfortunately, she had some bad dental issues that needed taking care of, which the Beemer Fund helped to pay for. She is now in the care of the Victoria Humane Society.



Niko is a 1 1/2 year old brindle pit bull cross who was hit by a car on Good Friday 2014 and whose leg was severely injured, requiring a significant amount of surgery, performed
at the Central Island Vet Hospital. The Beemer Fund paid to have Niko neutered as well as covering much of his surgical costs.



Hope is a beautiful pit/boxer cross who was found wandering on Franklin River Road near Port Alberni. She had clearly been on her own for some time, and was scared and confused. Some amazing volunteers managed to gain her trust enough to catch her and bring her to the vet hospital, where she will be spayed and assessed. We are paying for her medical bills.



The first recipient of the Beemer Memorial Fund is Bebe, a sweet little border collie who was hit by a car in Nanoose Bay and has since been surrendered by her owners. She is under the expert medical care of the staff at the Central Island Vet Hospital and all funds being collected by the Beemer Fund are going to her care. At the moment, Bebe is recovering nicely in her foster home.